Sun Ketu Mahadasha

Sun Ketu Mahadasha

Sri Sudarshana Swamy
40 Week Deepa Deeksha

Perform this deeksha every Thursday for 40 weeks

Offer Dates Naivedyam to Sri Sudarshan after the Deeksha every Thursday
It is recommended that rice flour is used every week

40-week Deepa Deeksha as prescribed by Her holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi

According to Vedic astrology, Planet Saturn is the reigning ruler this year starting from Ugadi. Navagrahas are nine heavenly bodies and deities that influence human life on Earth according to Vedic astrology. The seven days of the week in the Vedic calendar also correspond with the Navagraha, and are named accordingly.

The festival of Ugadi was celebrated on Saturday, and Saturn is the deity who is worshipped on this day, so when the festival day falls on this day, it makes Planet Saturn the ruler. Additionally, the planetary combination results in adverse effects as Surya graha (Sun) and Ketu (descending node of the moon) are considered adversary planets towards each other. Moreover, this celestial combination creates an inauspicious yoga called "Grahasta Dosha" that can bring out negative traits such as aggression, impulsive nature, and overall exhaustion in a person.

Though this celestial combination can bring financial problems and cause several difficulties in life, it can elevate you spiritually and give the right insights to deal with challenges and gives the ability to you to transform any negative situations into a pleasant side.

Both Surya or Sun Ketu are fiery in nature. During their association, Ketu overpowers and decreases the energy and positive vibrations of Sun. Therefore, the Sun’s positive energies and its vibrations show the effects on one’s health, wearing out strength and potency, corporate level problems, bringing disharmony, giving more room to “me”ness and “I”ness.

Tremendous amounts of physical and spiritual energy are your divine net of protection against hurdles.

This planetary combination can help to overcome emotional problems that impede your accomplishment of goals. It is recommended a Sri Sudarshana 40-week sadhana to be performed to mitigate the effects of Sun Ketu Mahadasha and ongoing Shani doshas. You can start this puja local time (Thursday, Apr 14, Local time) and then perform this puja every week between 6 am – 8 am or 6 pm – 8 pm (local time), starting Thursday, Apr 14th, 2022, to Thursday Jan12th, 2023.

Planetary combinations

It is recommended “Sri Sudarshana 40-week sadhana” to be performed to mitigate the effects of “Surya Ketu Grahasta doshas” and ongoing “Shani doshas”.

Puja timings :-
You can perform puja at
Evening local time (Thursday, April 14, Local time) and then perform this puja
every week between 6 am – 8 am or 6 pm – 8 pm (local time),
starting Thursday, April 14th, 2022 to Thursday January 12th, 2023 for 40 weeks.

  • Make a diya with dough made from rice flour and water. 

  • Place two yellow wicks in the diya and add organic cow ghee. 

  • Take a brass plate and add 1 cup black channa dal (black chickpea lentils) and spread it on the plate then set the rice flour diya on top of it.  *(Please note that a plastic plate or tray is NOT recommended and make sure the metal tray used is new or only used for puja purposes. 

  • Place the tray on your prayer altar with the diya facing the North direction. 

  • Sit in front of the lamp and take sankalpa for 40 weeks for yourself and your family members. 

  • Light the lamp. 

Offer dates as naivedyam to Sri Sudarshana in the form of the lamps. You can eat the dates as prasadam after the japam. 

Now focus your attention and chant Sri Sudarshana Gayatri mantra according to one’s capacity and 

  • 54 times (x 27 for yourself and x27 for your family members) 
  • 108 times (x54 for yourself and x54 for your family members) 
  • 216 times (x108 for yourself and x108 for your family members) 
“Om sudarshaNaaya vidmahe mahaaJvaaLaaya Dheemahi |
Tannah chakrah praChodaYaat ||”

Please follow the above procedure for 40 weeks and on Saturday, January 14, discard the clay diya and wicks into a river or a body of water with flowing water. Otherwise, discard the clay diya and wicks carefully where no one can step on it such as burying it in the garden. 

    • Be sure to maintain the lamps by ensuring there is plenty of organic cow ghee in the clay diya. They should not burn out during the japams. 

    • The Black Channa needs to be changed every week 

    • Fresh Rice flour diya must be made every week

    • A new plate is not required for each week

    • Yellow wicks can be purchased at the Amma store or use Turmeric to color the wicks. Simply ‘wet’ the tips of your fingers with ghee and dip them in dry turmeric. Now rub the turmeric into your wicks to color them. Also do this the night before. 

    • You should not perform the sadhana during moon cycle. Simply stop the sadhana and resume once the cycle is complete. “You are advised not to continue with any form of chanting or puja during the moon cycle. Negative energy is being discharged from your body during this time. When powerful mantras are chanted, new cosmic energy is created. However, during this time, the two energies are flowing inward and outward simultaneously, creating a conflict. This hinders one from attaining the required goal. The very purpose is trifled and all the sadhana performed up until then will lose its complete power and vibrations.”