Akshaya Tritiya

MAY 10, 2024

Sri Lakshmi Devi Abhishekam will be performed. Pooja, Sadhana, and feeding the poor, doing any charity and benevolent acts with a clean and pure heart are the most important things of this auspicious day.

Every moment is auspicious on the Akshaya Tritiya day (also know as 'Akha Teej') which falls on the third day of the bright half of Hindu month Vaishakh. 'Akshaya' in Sanskrit means 'that which never diminishes.' It is also the birthday of Parashurama, Lord Vishnu's Sixth incarnation.
Self realization, It is being and becoming, not hearing and acknowledging; it is the whole soul becoming changed into what it believes. “Each soul is potentially divine”. The highest goal of human life is to manifest this divinity within, the fruits of these are multiplied, blessing devotees with spiritual growth, all prosperities, and the abundant grace. Devotees pray to Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi to bless and guide us to the highest goal of our Life.


Performing Sacred Deeds

According to the Hindu Astrology, especially in terms of Muhurtas (auspicious timings), Akshaya Tritiya is considered as one of the auspicious Muhurtas. It is believed, any meaningful activity started on this day would be fruitful. As per the Hindu traditions and culture, this festival is considered as the most significant day to perform sacred deeds (Punya Karya).  Eight special homams/ pujas will be performed at Amma’s Penusila Ashram to celebrate this royal day of abundance:

  • Sri Maha Lakshmi Ganapathi Moola Mantra Homam
  • Sriman Narayana Astakshara Maha Mantra
  • Sri Asta Lakshmi Devi Dhana Homam
  • Sri Maha Lakshmi Narayana Hrudaya Homam
  • Sri Badri Narayana Homam
  • Sri Maha Lakshmi Asthottara Namavali Bilva Patra Homam
  • Sri Simhachala Varaaha Narasimha Swamy Special Homam
  • Sri Vaikuntha Maha Lakshmi Samputita Sri Suktam


MAY 10, 2024 - FRIDAY