About Ashram

Sri Mathrudevi Vishwashanti Ashram

Cradled by picturesque forests, and nestled by the Holy Garudachula Mountains- whose topography symbolizes the powerful serpent Kundalini Shakti- Sri Mathrudevi Vishwashanti Ashram promises to be a sanctuary for deep tapas and divine blessings. The power and mysticism behind this Penusila Kshetram embraced within the ancient “Veda Aranya” or ‘Forest of the Vedas’, is blessed by the countless number of Rishis and Holy Sages who have meditated and performed intense tapas on these holy grounds, from time immemorial until the present day. An inner vision of these Holy Rishis is available to those with a pure heart and mind, as these Holy Seers inhabit the mountain in their subtle forms.

Sri Lalita Parameswari Devi Temple

The incredible Sri Lalita Parameswari Devi temple represents the Bindu – or central point- of the Sri Mathrudevi Vishwashanti Ashram, whereupon all power places of worship within the Ashram grounds- from the Sri Ganesha Peetham to the Yagna Shala to the Sri Gayatri Meditation Hall, are all connected energetically to the Bindu point of Sri Lalita Parameswari Devi’s sanctum sanctorium, through underground copper wires and subtle energy channels.


Sri Mathrudevi Vishwashanti Ashram

Sri Mathrudevi Vishwashanti Ashram invites many visitors to Her Abode to receive the blessings of Divine Mother. The towering statue of Sri Hanumanji – who represents the gatekeeper of the Ashram- faces the Sri Manidweepa Mahasamsthanam temple as a symbol of pure devotion and complete surrender to the Absolute Supreme Self as represented by Divine Mother. A Veda Pata Shala lies in the central-east portion of the Ashram- where young Vedic priests are schooled in the ancient tradition of Sanatana Dharma (the Eternal Truth) from which the Vedas have arisen. The stunning temple grounds are beautified by rose and flower gardens, ancient ayurvedic healing herbs, and sacred trees such as the Bilva, Pipal, Kadamba, Mango, and Rudraksha. These trees and plants provide for some of the auspicious offerings or upacharas during sacred pujas, abhishekams, and fire ceremonies (yagnas).

Sri Gayatri Meditation Hall

Lord Vishnu, Sri Gayatri, Sri Saraswati, Sri Lakshmi, Sri Durga, and Sri Bharata Mata can all be found garlanding the Ashram grounds with their presence. The Sri Gayatri Meditation Hall, where Agastya Maharishi was engaged in deep discussion with our Beloved Sri Vijayeswari Devi, and whereupon a Sri Chakra Meru is installed beneath Amma’s Shakti Peetham, is the sacred place upon which meditators from around the world perform intense tapas. The Yagna Shala, where sacred Fire Ceremonies are held on behalf of all humankind and all beings in all realms, is located in the southern portion of the ashram. Attached to the Sri Manidweepa Mahasamsthanam temple is the earthly home of Divine Mother Herself- Bhagavati Sri Sri Sri Vijayeswari Devi.


Amma's Mother

Next to our Beloved Amma’s home is the most revered shrine of Ammama- Sri Sri Sri Vijayswari Devi’s Mother. Together, along with the ashes of Amma’s earthly ‘Mother and Father’, sacred ceremonies are performed in their honor. A pond and a fountain in the ashram’s northeast corner, with Lord Shiva as the fountain’s center, garnish the Ashram grounds. The Sri Mathrudevi Vishwashanti Ashram is strategically placed in line with the sacred science of Vaastu, with the Garudachala Mountains in the west, and the Kanva Mukhi River running from west to east along the north side of the Ashram. Vaastu- the sacred science of space- is employed throughout the Ashram grounds to provide the greatest and the purest flow of energy.

Devotee and Guest’s Living Quarters

In the northwest portion of the Ashram is the Devotee and Guest’s Living Quarters, where individual rooms are equipped with two single beds, a separate shower and bathroom, a ceiling fan, and a washing area. The Living Quarters also house an internet room which is available throughout most hours of the day. When staying at the Ashram, guests are provided with 3 pure vegetarian meals per day, as well as purified, filter water. The cost for living and board at the Ashram has a nominal fee, and all of the guests take part in maintaining and keeping their quarters clean. The Ashram provides the comforts of electricity 24 hrs. of a day while residing deep in the natural forest of Penusila Kshetram.