Sri Narasimha Jayanathi

MAY 14, 2022

Sri Narasimha Jayanti marks the day on which Lord Narasimha appeared. It often falls on Vaishakha Shukla Chaturdashi and is known as the birth of Narasimha- the 4th avatar of Lord Vishnu. The day is going to collide with Swati Nakshatra and Saturday which is deemed to be highly auspicious.

Lord Narasimha, the 4th avatar of Lord Vishnu in the half lion- half man form, is the fiercest energy of Vishnu who can fight your enemies and misfortunes and create new opportunities for abundance, health, and prosperity.


Winning of Good over Evil

Sri Narasimha Jayanti signifies the win of good over evil. It gives people a lesson that no matter how strong evil may be, it can be defeated. The power of belief is stronger than anything. It is said that people who fast on this day get Bhagwan Vishnu’s blessings. The Lord also fulfills their wishes and desires.

On this special day Special Saligrama Abhishekam , Puja, homa special homa on Lord Narasimha’s birthday can wipe away troubles, and grant your wishes, as well as giving you bliss, auspiciousness, and protection.



MAY 14, 2022 - SATURDAY