Significance of Sri Sudarshana Mantra

Sri Maha Vishnu himself says that - The great Sri Sudarshana Mantra, Homa is
powerful to prevent all disasters. The 2 that are most dear to Karunamayi Amma are: * Sri Mahadeva * Sudarshana Chakra Sri Sudarshana Chakra Pooja, Sri Sudarshana Mantra Japam and Sri Sudarshana Homa brings all good fortunes. Take darshan of Sri Sudarshana Homa for the well-being of your family members, your children, your loved ones, and all of you. Diligently take the darshan of Homa blessings.


Importance of performing pooja to Sri Sudarshana Chakra, Sri Sudarshana
Salagrama on specific day and with specific pooja item

* Worshiping Sri Sudarshana Salagrama and Sri Sudarshana Chakra with pearls removes countless previous births of sorrows.

* Worship of Sri Sudarshana Salagrama, Sri Sudarshana Chakra with Basil leaves bestows liberation to the departed souls.

* Sri Sudarshana Pooja with red corals cures all diseases.

* Worship of Sri Sudarshana Chakra with Girikarnika or Sankha Pushpa (conch shaped blue flowers) eradicates the pandemic and removes all Shani doshas.

* Sri Sudarshana Pooja with golden lotuses gives an unprecedented grace of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi.

* Sri Sudarshana Salagrama Pooja with silver Lotus bestows wealth and grains.

* Sri Sudarshana Salagrama Pooja with silver bilva leaves, strife and worries will be removed and all work will be accomplished.

* Sri Sudarshana Salagrama Pooja with silver holy basil leaves removes all kind of poverty, gives protection from negative and unfavorable people, and gets rid of demon and evil sufferings.

* Sri Sudarshana Pooja with red roses grants extraordinary success, protection from all fears and safety from all animals.

* Sri Sudarshana Pooja with roses removes all bad karma and great fortunes are attained.

* Sri Sudarshana Salagrama Pooja with 108 nine leaflets bilva(9 leaf maha bilva) heals from sufferings of the past and brings peace. All fears will disappear, and you attain Sri Sudarshana protection.

* The single leaflet bilva leaf (eka bilva), which is rarely available, is unprecedented in creation. Eka Bilva is the divine form of goddess Sri Mahalakshmi herself. For pooja to take place with Eka Bilva, there must be fortune of many lakhs of births.

* By Sri Sudarshana Salagrama Pooja with 108 eka bilva leaves all hardships will go away. With the grace of goddess Sri Mahalakshmi, all good fortunes and luxuries are attained. Wealth will flourish.

* The red moduga (flame of the forest or palash) flowers, which are very dear to Sri Guru graha (Jupiter)are offered to Sri Sudarshana saligrama. It is very auspicious to be worshiped with these rare red moduga flowers. With this fortune and grace of Sri Sudarshana, all the imperfections will be destroyed and with the power of the Guru, Sadhakas will be able to attain the fulfilment of mantra chanting.

* Worshiping with these splendid moduga flowers, brings in happiness, strength, immense intellect, great wisdom, and accomplishment. No one on earth is more fortunate than the worshipers of Sri Sudarshana Chakra and Sri Sudarshana Salagrama with red moduga flowers.

* Sri parijata flowers are very beloved to Lord Vishnu. By worshiping Sri Sudarshana Chakra and Sri Sudarshana Salagramas with these flowers, whoever gets the fortune of worship, will get rid of billions of births and karmic catastrophes, and attains all good fortunes. There is no dearth of food and clothing in those homes.

* Those who worship Sri Sudarshana Chakra with 108 or 324 betel leaves also known as nagavalli dalam, will not fail under any circumstances. Their Naga doshas and Kalasarpa doshas will be wiped out by worshipping with betel leaves. Wealth, prosperity, and success is attained.

* Those who worship Sri Sudarshana Chakra, Sri Sudarshana Salagrama with Kanakambara flowers (Crossandra), with diligence and devotion, their family flourishes prosperously day by day. Peace prevails at home. Relieves chronic diseases. This pooja has the glorious splendor to bestow radiance and power.