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Naivedya Seva


On this auspicious Vaikunta Ekadasi Naivedya is offered 4 times in the day. Since ancient times, food has been viewed with high regard. The Vedas proclaim “Annam Para Bramha Roopam” meaning that food is a form of divinity that nourishes us. In this regard, the offering of food was seen as the highest offering. Through Naivedya Seva, devotees have the opportunity to offer the morning, afternoon, and evening food offerings to the Lord in their name. A variety of Vedic foods such as Pulihora (tamarind rice), Dadhojana (yogurt rice), Chakara Pongal (sweet rice), and Ksheera payasam (milk pudding) and many more special foods are offered to the Lord. After being offered to Him, the prasadam (sanctified food) is distributed amongst pilgrims who come for His darshan.

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