Online Application Form - Navaratri Celebrations

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Thank you for your interest in being a participating sponsor during the Sharan Navaratri Celebrations. By sponsoring to participate as an official chanter and to perform the sacred fire ceremonies, you will receive an abundance of blessings, energized prasadam and the rare opportunity to be a part of this event.  Please kindly note the following important details that every participating sponsor should be aware of:

  • Each participating sponsor is required to complete a separate application form.
  • Each participating sponsor will be provided with all of the puja items and offerings that are required to perform the homa (fire ceremonies).
  • Participants will also have sankalpa done on their name, as well as on the names of their immediate family members.
  • Participating sponsors will receive energized prasadam (blessed items) from the Navaratri in accordance with how many days they participate.
  • Participating sponsors will be given new clothes, or Diksha Vastrams, to wear while partaking in the program. Women will be expected to wear sarees, and gentlemen will be expected to wear dhotis.
  • After successfully submitting this form and receiving approval for your application you will be directed to provide payment, as well as to enter your sankalpa information, including nakshatra (birthstar) and gothram (if known).