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Astotharakalasa Abhisheka


The ancient sages of the Vaikhanasa lineage bestowed mantras to purify and sanctify water. Using these mantras, 108 Kalasas are energized with the aura of sacred rivers and are offered to the Lord through a ritual bath known as Ashtotara Kalasa Abhisheka. This is accompanied with chanting of Pancha Veda Suktas, the which are said to bestow auspiciousness and cleanse all negativity.

The number 108 holds special significance, as it represents the 108 Chakras in the human body. Celestially, The distance between the earth and the sun is approximately 108 times the sun’s diameter. The distance between the earth and the moon is 108 times the moon’s diameter, and the diameter of the sun is 108 times the earth’s diameter. Astronomically, the celestial path of the sun and moon is divided into 27 equal sections called nakshatras, and each of these into four parts called paadas, or “steps”. This means there are the sun and the moon take 108 steps in the sky during earths orbit.

So through this Seva, the devotee offers the human microcosm and the celestial macrocosm through 108 Kalasas. It represents that the Lord is the sole refuge of all. Offered with the intent of establishing world peace, taking part in this Seva bestows purity, serenity, & spiritual merit. We invite you to experience this divine Seva. May Sri Srinivasa, the refuge of the universe, shower his grace upon us all.

Note: Sponsorship ends before 6:30am (EST) Feb 9, 2023

Special Instructions for Sponsorship Orders

Before each homam or puja is performed, a “sankalpa” is recited. When we are included in a sankalpa, we become spiritually connected to the power of the divine ceremony and receive its full benefits immediately, just as if we were physically present.

In the section before below, please enter the name of the primary person for whom the puja is being sponsored. Please list up to four additional names and nakshatras only. It is not necessary to list all family members’ names, as they will automatically receive blessings through the primary sponsor and ‘Saha Kutumbasya’.. If you know the primary sponsor’s nakshatra (Vedic birthstar), you may enter it below or use ‘Nakshatra Unknown’. If you don’t know the gotra, it’s fine to leave this blank.


  • This Special puja will take place at Sri Srinivasa Saligrama Devasthanam in India.
  • Blessed and energized prasadam will be mailed to you. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, please allow several weeks after the completion of the event for the prasadam to reach you. Thank you for your understanding.